Hard Questions for Christ

Have you ever wondered am I living my upmost for Christ? Do I make it my goal to serve Him? I have found that these questions I have made help you with your personal relationship with Jesus.

Hard Questions for Christ
1.    Would you give up your life for Christ?
2.    Would you give up your life for your family?
3.    Would you give up your life for someone outside of your family?
4.    Would you trust God to provide in a rough situation?
5.    Are you willing to give all your earthly goods for Christ?
6.    Are you open to the promptings of God’s spirit?
7.    Are you open to convictions of the Holy Spirit?
8.    Are you strict in daily devotions?
9.    Do you consult the Lord before doing something?
10.           Is your ambition to do hard things for Christ?
11.           Is it your goal to serve others?

One thought on “Hard Questions for Christ

  1. Those are good questions, some of them I’ve asked myself before. When reading thourgh the list I did fine in answering yes all the way through 5, then after that some of the questions started to hurt a little! Although I’ve come a long way I’m still not where I’d like to be spiritualy–but that’s my fault, right? Something I need to be working on EVERYDAY. Good post…this was motivating.

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