Faces of Love

Love is probably the most over misunderstood yet the most important element in our Christian walk. Every shortcoming and sin can be traced back to the statement: “I failed to love”. Everything we are guilty of comes down to us not loving others like Christ loved the church. Yet on the other side of this great foundational principle we have those who use love for cheap grace and fail to love because they refuse to convict those in sin.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love is stronger than hate. Love overpowers fear.  Love breaks bondage of sin. Love shows us Christ as Savior.  I Corinthians chapter 13 tells us that without love our lives and deeds are worthless, yet with love we are empowered for greater works then we could ever imagine.

We in today’s Christian music  scene we have love as a great player in song topics, but so many Christian artists have numerous false conceptions of love and don’t realize love has many faces to its nature. Love is tough, if were not it, could not overpower darkness. Love is gentle; if it were not, then it could not bring any to Christ. I mentioned earlier that Christians sell out for cheap grace through lack of love. This is so true because countless Christians forget love is tough and do not use love to convict people of sin. Instead they attempt to be nicer then Jesus and end up failing to truly love someone in sin.

So what am I saying? I am saying that we need to love everyone with all the faces of love. Whether it be convicting a person or encouraging a person. We cannot afford to fail to give love out because it is what Jesus commands us to do.  Jesus is the only one who loves with all the faces of love and only He can give you the power to love with a perfect love.  So shine the many Faces of Love to the entire world so that it will really know us by our love.

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