Domestic Savages

Before I went to Patriot Academy this past summer I listened to a wall builders episode with a man by the name of Rabbi Daniel Lapin. The title of it was called “What is Civilization?”. As listened, Rabbi Lapin opened my perspective about how I viewed art, media, and human behavior. The main point of his talk was that there is only one Civilization. Oh, there are hundreds if not millions of “cultures”, but only one civilization. A culture is the way a people group lives, but that does not make it a civilization. Civilizations are sophisticated, they have complex forms of government, people have the abilities to run factories, and most importantly a civilization will value life.  What makes it possible for Europeans to explore and discover new lands, build bridges, run factories, and build and maintain large armies? Whereas people of Madagascar, native Americans, Incas, and Aztecs cannot? Is because of race? NO! it is because their culture lacks something that the Europeans had.

What was that something? It’s the bible. Like it or not, it is Christianity that makes civilization possible. Without the principles from the bible there is no civilization there is savagery. The liberals hate this fact because they know it is Christendom that has brought civilization to the world and not Humanism, not Marxism, and not Darwinism. It is civilization that brings order to a society and if the bible is the core then a nation prospers. The United States “was” the greatest example of a civilization. We founded it on the bible and prospered until now. It is Christianity that gave people the reason to invent things: from the telegram to the telephone. It was a value of life a principle which we find in the bible that motivated men not only here but around the world to make life better for their fellow men. Now a culture can have many advancements that make it more sophisticated, but they do not advance as fast, effective, and with the same achievements that Christian nations do. We need to understand civilization can only exist with the bible, without it we have Hitlers, Stalins, and Husseins.

Where are we as a civilization? We are, and it upsets me to say, becoming domestic savages. Our art and media is not far off from what the Romans who went to watch at the gladiatorial games. We have lost the bible and removed from its rightful place. When a civilization makes that decision they start the process of becoming savages. We worship death with the overly violent and sickening films that are available today. We kill are own children just as the savages of ancient times did at temples. We worship sex and make women objects of sex, we overcome ourselves with lust and destroy our minds. We are becoming domestic savages with the philosophies, thoughts, and actions we promote. Americans today are only at different levels of savagery. It will only be a matter of time. The one thing humanists have so wrong, is that man is inherently wicked. It is up to you to decide whether you will be a savage or not, without the bible you cannot be anything but a savage. There are only two types of people in the world, savages and those who are not. The worst savage is not the one who is most savage, but the one who knows that he is a savage and does nothing about it. Which will you be?

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