Real Change

Real Change

The word government strikes thoughts of disgust, patriotism, and bureaucracy. More specifically the words American government strikes these emotions. Ronald Reagan once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help’” (Kurtzman). Today in the United States we have people all over the spectrum on their views on government’s role. Let’s ask some questions about what our American government should be and how Christian conservatives should think about their government. Is it good thing, or a bad thing? What is government’s role? What are we as Christians obligated to do in government? These are questions that need to be dealt with to establish a foundation to build a sound view of government.

We come to the first question, is government a bad or good thing? We should start with what type government we have. The American government is a Constitutional Republic. This simply means that the power of government is given to the people who elect legislators to pass laws. There are many approaches to government. One philosophy is that government is a necessary evil that has to be in place to keep order. Another philosophy is that God ordained natural law and government is one of the foundations that he laid down in natural law. The reality is, our government is founded on biblical principles but is weak in that fact that is in the hands of the people. If society falls, so does our government. The key to understanding our government is we are responsible to entrust each generation with the foundations of freedom, when that is not done we collapse. A beginning of collapse can describe our current state as a nation. The previous generation is not passing on the values necessary for this form of government to succeed.

Seeing the current state of our government leads us to the second question. What is the role of government? Some people believe in big government with the federal government in control of every aspect of our lives. On the opposite side of the spectrum we have a limited government with strong state governments and weak federal government. We have Christians that place themselves in both ideologies. Christians that advocate big government are what one may call “Christian Socialists”. They support laws and ideas that impose Christian beliefs and fundamentals on an entire populace. The problem is that this approach is tyranny and goes against the foundations of our government. It is just as bad as Marxists imposing their philosophy and ideas on entire populace. We have Christians that advocate the form of government the founding fathers created and don’t realize that it is a weak form of government. Why is it weak? The element many forget is that politics is going to be a result of society. If society is in decay along with the people then that will be reflected in the political system.

People do not understand that our form of government is not designed to take care of society. It should not have welfare, bailouts, and government paid items. When true conservative thinkers implement their beliefs, they are not supported by the people now because the society has not been educated by the previous generation but by the enemies of freedom. Our system can only be as stable as society is. So who is in charge of society? The church, the Christian church is responsible for the spiritual and philosophical welfare of people. They have not been faithful in keeping society on the right path. We cannot protect our government if the culture has accepted Marxism and socialism. When conservatives run for offices as they are attempting to bring back the traditional America, they find that they cannot do so. The main reason is liberals have taken society and brainwashed them to view anybody who is conservative as a white Christian racist who hates anybody who is not white Christian. The main issue is that bringing back America does not start with the politics. Politics start with the culture and until we change culture, we cannot change the government.

So now we come to what we as Christians should do. First and foremost, we need Christians engaging culture in every outlet possible. Only then can we attempt to keep our government the way our founding fathers intended it to be. This doesn’t mean we can stop being active in government. The thing Christians need to realize is that we must do both. Jesus says in Matthew 22:21b “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” Jesus was talking about taxes, but this can apply to us in the sense that we are given a responsibility in our government. The Roman government was much more oppressive then ours and the people had no voice. In our country we do. We the people are solely responsible if it this nation perishes or succeeds.  Christians are called to be active in government because of the form of government we have.

We must remember that Christians in politics can only succeed by changing society and government. We must also have Christians in culture, engaging it. We have looked at what our government is supposed to be, what the role of government is, and lastly what Christians should be doing in government. Now I want to leave you with a call, a call for conservatives to realize that to keep the standards and values of this nation. We must change society in order to save our government. We the people are responsible for the fate of this nation. What will be said of a real patriot when all is said and done? Will he have stood against culture and against the regime that wants to destroy his government? Only the individual can begin a movement, spark a revival, or bring “real” change. The only question is, will he?


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Domestic Savages

Before I went to Patriot Academy this past summer I listened to a wall builders episode with a man by the name of Rabbi Daniel Lapin. The title of it was called “What is Civilization?”. As listened, Rabbi Lapin opened my perspective about how I viewed art, media, and human behavior. The main point of his talk was that there is only one Civilization. Oh, there are hundreds if not millions of “cultures”, but only one civilization. A culture is the way a people group lives, but that does not make it a civilization. Civilizations are sophisticated, they have complex forms of government, people have the abilities to run factories, and most importantly a civilization will value life.  What makes it possible for Europeans to explore and discover new lands, build bridges, run factories, and build and maintain large armies? Whereas people of Madagascar, native Americans, Incas, and Aztecs cannot? Is because of race? NO! it is because their culture lacks something that the Europeans had.

What was that something? It’s the bible. Like it or not, it is Christianity that makes civilization possible. Without the principles from the bible there is no civilization there is savagery. The liberals hate this fact because they know it is Christendom that has brought civilization to the world and not Humanism, not Marxism, and not Darwinism. It is civilization that brings order to a society and if the bible is the core then a nation prospers. The United States “was” the greatest example of a civilization. We founded it on the bible and prospered until now. It is Christianity that gave people the reason to invent things: from the telegram to the telephone. It was a value of life a principle which we find in the bible that motivated men not only here but around the world to make life better for their fellow men. Now a culture can have many advancements that make it more sophisticated, but they do not advance as fast, effective, and with the same achievements that Christian nations do. We need to understand civilization can only exist with the bible, without it we have Hitlers, Stalins, and Husseins.

Where are we as a civilization? We are, and it upsets me to say, becoming domestic savages. Our art and media is not far off from what the Romans who went to watch at the gladiatorial games. We have lost the bible and removed from its rightful place. When a civilization makes that decision they start the process of becoming savages. We worship death with the overly violent and sickening films that are available today. We kill are own children just as the savages of ancient times did at temples. We worship sex and make women objects of sex, we overcome ourselves with lust and destroy our minds. We are becoming domestic savages with the philosophies, thoughts, and actions we promote. Americans today are only at different levels of savagery. It will only be a matter of time. The one thing humanists have so wrong, is that man is inherently wicked. It is up to you to decide whether you will be a savage or not, without the bible you cannot be anything but a savage. There are only two types of people in the world, savages and those who are not. The worst savage is not the one who is most savage, but the one who knows that he is a savage and does nothing about it. Which will you be?

Faces of Love

Love is probably the most over misunderstood yet the most important element in our Christian walk. Every shortcoming and sin can be traced back to the statement: “I failed to love”. Everything we are guilty of comes down to us not loving others like Christ loved the church. Yet on the other side of this great foundational principle we have those who use love for cheap grace and fail to love because they refuse to convict those in sin.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love is stronger than hate. Love overpowers fear.  Love breaks bondage of sin. Love shows us Christ as Savior.  I Corinthians chapter 13 tells us that without love our lives and deeds are worthless, yet with love we are empowered for greater works then we could ever imagine.

We in today’s Christian music  scene we have love as a great player in song topics, but so many Christian artists have numerous false conceptions of love and don’t realize love has many faces to its nature. Love is tough, if were not it, could not overpower darkness. Love is gentle; if it were not, then it could not bring any to Christ. I mentioned earlier that Christians sell out for cheap grace through lack of love. This is so true because countless Christians forget love is tough and do not use love to convict people of sin. Instead they attempt to be nicer then Jesus and end up failing to truly love someone in sin.

So what am I saying? I am saying that we need to love everyone with all the faces of love. Whether it be convicting a person or encouraging a person. We cannot afford to fail to give love out because it is what Jesus commands us to do.  Jesus is the only one who loves with all the faces of love and only He can give you the power to love with a perfect love.  So shine the many Faces of Love to the entire world so that it will really know us by our love.

The Launch of my YouTube Channel

It started with me in the shed in the backyard, shooting long and short clips on a iPod and uploading it to YouTube. Now we go to a studio and use professional lighting and equipment. We came a long way. God definitely blessed us. I just wanted to let you guys know that if your interested in film, broadcasting, this generation, etc. We are trying to make this a movement and not just me up there talking, but hundreds of other from this generation speaking out to the world around them. Our vision is to bring this generation to its knees before God.


A New Title

I have decided to change my blog title from _Bonnie Prince Andrew_ which shows my humorous side too what I feel represents me very well: _An Idealist in a Pragmatic World_. Tell me what you think about the change. Primarily when I look at the world I see a the pragmatic mindset where whatever I can understand, touch, and feel is good. Anything that I cannot have control over is bad. I believe that the new title shows others that I am not thinking or going the same direction.

Hard Questions for Christ

Have you ever wondered am I living my upmost for Christ? Do I make it my goal to serve Him? I have found that these questions I have made help you with your personal relationship with Jesus.

Hard Questions for Christ
1.    Would you give up your life for Christ?
2.    Would you give up your life for your family?
3.    Would you give up your life for someone outside of your family?
4.    Would you trust God to provide in a rough situation?
5.    Are you willing to give all your earthly goods for Christ?
6.    Are you open to the promptings of God’s spirit?
7.    Are you open to convictions of the Holy Spirit?
8.    Are you strict in daily devotions?
9.    Do you consult the Lord before doing something?
10.           Is your ambition to do hard things for Christ?
11.           Is it your goal to serve others?