The Launch of my YouTube Channel

It started with me in the shed in the backyard, shooting long and short clips on a iPod and uploading it to YouTube. Now we go to a studio and use professional lighting and equipment. We came a long way. God definitely blessed us. I just wanted to let you guys know that if your interested in film, broadcasting, this generation, etc. We are trying to make this a movement and not just me up there talking, but hundreds of other from this generation speaking out to the world around them. Our vision is to bring this generation to its knees before God.


A New Title

I have decided to change my blog title from _Bonnie Prince Andrew_ which shows my humorous side too what I feel represents me very well: _An Idealist in a Pragmatic World_. Tell me what you think about the change. Primarily when I look at the world I see a the pragmatic mindset where whatever I can understand, touch, and feel is good. Anything that I cannot have control over is bad. I believe that the new title shows others that I am not thinking or going the same direction.

Should Christians “Tweet”?

As me and Jon David Bruegel shot Episode II for the vlog, Jon made a remark about Christians “Tweeting” and questioned if we should do it. So by request from one of our subscribers I am giving my humble opinion of social networks in general and should Christians tweet. One of the things we must always realize about social networks is that they are tools that can be used for good or bad. Many Christians see people abuse these social tools and then say that therefore it is inherently evil. What they fail to see is that they are blaming problems on the tool and failing to see where the real problem is. The problem is the people who use the tool. Now Facebook for example, is one of the most used and exploited social networks out there. I personally believe Facebook is a great tool but has puffed itself up and figured it can disregard people’s privacy because of the demand for it. But Facebook in and of itself is not bad as with any social network.

So what about Twitter? Twitter is similar to Facebook but is more about sharing quick little status’ about yourself in a social stream. Many Christians again, look at the people who post dumb and unimportant “tweets” and say that Twitter is a waste of time and is not good for you. Yet again, they fail to see how you can with Twitter, get the news faster then ever. You can get even movements started and spread fast through re-tweeting and mass followings. Twitter can be a waste of time and like every social network there is the potential to waste time on it. It does not however make it wrong to use it.

One of the examples of Twitter being used for good is Ray Comfort and the 180 movie project. He was able to get 180’s anti-abortion message out faster and more widespread then ever before because of Twitter topics, Facebook pages, Youtube, and Google+. The message was so popular that Abortionists became nervous about 180’s popularity. Without the use of social networks and Twitter especially, Ray couldn’t have had impact he has on our culture on abortion.

Now we come to a crossroad, should we as Christians be on these social networks? That is something between you and God. There is nothing wrong socializing and talking to friends on Twitter or any social network. All I can say is that they are tools that can be used for incredible good and incredible evil. You cannot say that they are bad yet not good either. God’s will can definitely be accomplished through Twitter. Just remember that when your on Twitter or any social network you hold a weapon. Treat it as such.

Hard Questions for Christ

Have you ever wondered am I living my upmost for Christ? Do I make it my goal to serve Him? I have found that these questions I have made help you with your personal relationship with Jesus.

Hard Questions for Christ
1.    Would you give up your life for Christ?
2.    Would you give up your life for your family?
3.    Would you give up your life for someone outside of your family?
4.    Would you trust God to provide in a rough situation?
5.    Are you willing to give all your earthly goods for Christ?
6.    Are you open to the promptings of God’s spirit?
7.    Are you open to convictions of the Holy Spirit?
8.    Are you strict in daily devotions?
9.    Do you consult the Lord before doing something?
10.           Is your ambition to do hard things for Christ?
11.           Is it your goal to serve others?